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The Importance of Marketing Collateral

The Importance of Marketing Collateral

How strong is your ‘leave behind’ game? A leave behind is a flyer, business card, brochure or a mailer that you leave with your target audience so they won’t forget your brand. Having your own printed collateral on deck to hand out to potential customers will be highly effective for becoming a mainstay business. It leaves your TA (target audience) with a resource that will connect them to your brand long after you’ve left.

Additionally, print collateral such as pull up banners, table cloths, signage and more are alternative ways that show a potential customer you’ve invested in your professional presentation and therefore are trustable to do business with.

I can’t tell you how many millionaires I have worked with that still understand the importance of grass roots marketing. I’ve been out to lunch with them and witnessed first hand the connections they make simply by pulling out samples, print collateral such as pens, flyers and more. They never flinch as they hand them to their intended audience with a friendly statement such as, “I thought you might be interested in this, so I wanted to share.” The internet is taking over, but it will never trump the power of a face to face experience. People don’t forget the first moment they connected with your brand. So make it memorable.

Just remember, when you’re new to the market, no one knows you. You may have to shake a lot of hands, hand out a lot of flyers, and do a lot of work to get people to recognize your brand as a mainstay and a new leader in your niche.

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