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The Business of Aesthetics

The Business of Aesthetics

What’s that age old saying? People may forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. You can have the most unique idea on the market, and the best solution to a world of problems, but some people will choose not to do business with you simply because the aesthetic to your brand looks less than appealing.

“I can’t say it enough, brand is everything. And with that statement so is uniformity and a visually pleasing presentation.”

With the number of fraud companies and identity theft stealing websites circulating the web, an unpolished brand to many feels like a potential threat or a scam. Care about your brand as much as you care about making money. And with care that means taking the appropriate time to put together a visual plan that will take your brand to the next level.

Take time to pick out 3 main colors, and 2 accent colors. A main font, and a sub-header font. Pick a style/pattern for your brand and stay within those visual touch points when producing content for your website, social media, or marketing campaigns.  Audit other brands and figure out what you like about them and what you don’t. Borrow some elements of what you felt worked for you when you visit their profile and then introduce some new ideas of your own that will grab attention.

“Every aspect of your brand and every arena it appears should be visually cohesive.”

Make sure to create a uniform presentation when taking your new color palette, fonts, and patterns to your audience. Be sure that your Social Media headers and templates have the same branding. Additionally, your website should have the same cohesive design and your flyers, mailers, and marketing materials should all be adjusted as well.

Treat your brand the same way you treat the aesthetic of your favorite room in your home, or even your favorite outfit you put on when you’re trying to impress. Care about it and it will work even harder for you.

– Alaina Pinkney

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